The typical French lodge offers today’s facilities in a peaceful, natural, historic environment.
It is next to the cosy village-square in the centre of Treignac.

Country and legend

The countryside of hills and forests is filled with rivers and lakes; the water sports-dream!
The river “Vézère” runs through the village. Floating gently in some places, running fiercely in others.
A romantic 12th century bridge connects the two sides of Treignac.
The village has got beautiful ancient buildings, and the ruins of the former Treignac castle are still well visible in certain places.
A big lake with a nice sandy beach is just outside Treignac. Ideal for summer times.


From 1930 till 1980 former “Hotel de France” was a very well known address in France, with many famous people among the guests. It also was a place to stay for pilgrims on the route of Santiago de Compostella. This is still being remembered by a shell sculpted out in stone above the fireplace.
The 24 hotel rooms from then have made for the 5 chambres d’hôtes from now.
The dinner room on the ground floor has a stylish wooden floor and two fireplaces. Here you can enjoy a book, play a little game or see through the information about the area.
In the mornings, breakfast is being served here at the large table.


The furniture and house-decoration make for a unique stylish atmosphere in the bedrooms and the rest of the house. Modern and antique art are being combined in harmony. “L’Art de Vivre” is important and is being reflected in the furnishing.


Behind the house there is a nice inner place with a fountain, a curling tendril against the walls and a large table where often bottles of wine find their way to the glasses.
Through a little iron gate you follow the stairs of stone up to a romantic garden with yet another terrace. Here you can relax in a lounge-chair.


Service and personal care for the guests are high standard. You will enjoy a cosy relaxed atmosphere.

Be welcome to the French good way of life.